Waste plastic recycling grinder for pipe/block/board/door panel/profile

Waste plastic grinder are commonly used in PVC/PE/PP/PC/ABS/PET extrusion production lines for waste pipes, sheets, doors and windows, door panels, sheets, wall panels and films, small hollow bottles, and defective and leftover scraps of waste bottles. Recycle and reuse.

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Features of waste plastic ginder:
A1: The plastic crusher adopts SKD-II/D-2 blade (Japanese and American standard);
A2: The plastic crusher bearing seat is outside the crusher cavity, so there will be no dirt entering, and it can be used for a long time;
A3: The plastic crusher frame is made of solid square tube steel;
A4: The processing chamber of the plastic crusher is higher and covered by the belt, and the flakes will not be ejected;
A5: The plastic crusher shaft is quenched with 40Cr steel;
A6: The plastic crusher cavity is made of 40mm thick solid steel;
A7: The plastic crusher feeding hopper is easy to open for workers to change the blade/screen;
A8: Plastic crusher with heavy-duty pulley makes the machine work easier;
A9: The plastic crusher uses large roller bearings to ensure its long-term use;

Technical Parameter

Model PC-180 PC-230 PC-300 PC-400 PC-500 PC-600 PC-800
Crushing size(mm) 190×140 230×200 300×240 450×250 500×310 600×330 800×500
Capacity(KG/H) 30-80 50-110 100-250 200-450 360-720 450-800 800-1000
Motor power (KW) 2.2 4 5.5 7.5 11 15 22/30
Fixed knife(PCS) 2 2 2 2 4 4 4
Rotary knife(PCS) 9 9 9 12 15 18 12
Machine dimension(mm) 700×520×900 960×650×1020 1110×720×1130 1200×850×1280 1300×1000×1520 1500×1150×1750 2000×1250×2100
Weight (KGS) 150 280 400 547 800 950 1000

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