Waste recycle granules pelletes plastic vacuum loader machine for extruder/pulverizer/mixer feeder

The vacuum loader machine is mainly used for injection molding machines, extruders or other machines for feeding. This machine is specially designed to feed materials with broken or more powder, such as PE/PP/ABS/PC/PPR/PA etc.

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Safety protection and indication system
–Large diameter stainless steel hopper, motor protection device;
–Equipped with a special cyclone dust filter device as standard, which is convenient for maintenance;
–Standard vacuum breaking valve to protect the fan;
–Vertical design, small footprint;
–Optional dust blowback function;
–Optional one-to-two or one-to-many;

Features of Plastic vacuum loader:
A1: Self-contained automatic loader, the heat engine has a small footprint and light weight, which can be directly loaded on other mechanical containers, and the operation is simple and safe
A2: Automatic feeder is used to automatically load plastic resin into hopper dryer or injection molding machine.
A3: The uniquely designed annular blower impeller can not only prevent noise, but also utilize higher airflow pressure and air intake volume to obtain greater blowing power.
A4: The design of separate cyclone separator can collect dust first, and the cartridge filter filters the dust in turn.
A5: The limit switch on the cyclone damper detects resin starvation and automatically transfers material to the cyclone.
A6: Cyclone separator made of stainless steel, not only has good anti-rust effect, but also is easy to clean and change materials of different colors
A7: Microcomputer controller;
A8: Small footprint high-speed propulsion motor, great suction for SNL-300G/SNL-400G new material.


Technical Parameter


Model Motor Converying Capacity Material Hopper Volume converying Tube Calibre Exterial Dimensions Weight(kg)
Type Specification Main Controller Material Hopper Main Controller Material Hopper
ZDVAL-300G Carbon brush 1000W1Φ 400KG/H 6L Φ38mm 400x350x600 / 12 /
ZDVAL-1HP Induction 1HP3Φ 300KG/H 6L Φ38mm 450x400x900 400x280x440 38 6
ZDVAL-2HP Induction 2HP3Φ 4500KG/H 12L Φ38mm 450x400x950 400x380x500 40 12
ZDVAL-3HP Induction 3HP3Φ 550KG/H 12L Φ38mm 500x450x1050 400x380x500 42 12
ZDVAL-5HP Induction 5HP3Φ 650KG/H 24L Φ51mm 600x550x1150 520x500x800 48 24
ZDVAL-7.5HP Induction 7.5HP3Φ 800KG/H 36L Φ51mm 800x700x1250 800x670x1000 60 36

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