Zhangjiagang PVC pipe mixer for plastic extrusion machine

PVC pipe mixer is suitable for mixing and drying process of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, vinyl chloride, ABS, polycarbonate and other engineering plastics before molding. The PVC mixing unit combines the hot mixing and the cold mixing into one, and the material after hot mixing automatically enters the cold mixing and cooling, and discharges the remaining gas to avoid agglomeration. PVC mixer is widely used in PVC extrusion, PVC granulation/granulation and other industries to compound PVC resin and some other materials.

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The principle of PVC pipe mixer:
The PVC mixer is mainly composed of a thermal mixer and a cooling mixer. The hot mixer heats the material to 110°C, at this temperature, the additives will mix well and react with each other, which is necessary for the extrusion stage, and the cooling mixer cools the mixture to 45°C to avoid material decomposition.

Features of PVC pipe mixer:
A1: The mixing barrel is made of 5mm stainless steel and the bottom is made of 6mm stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable.
A2: The mixer frame is made of 12mm channel steel, which is more sturdy and durable. Some factories only use 10mm channel steel
A3: The bottom support steel plate adopts 20mm steel plate, and most factories only use 14mm thick steel plate.
A4: The blender exhaust filter uses a very good car air filter, and the exhaust effect is much better than the bag filter.
A5: The cooling zone of the cooling mixer is carefully designed to quickly cool the plastic material.
A6: The hot stirring blades are well designed, the blades have been tested for dynamic balance and static balance, and the stirring time for one batch can be saved by 2 minutes.

Technical Parameter

Model/Data Total volume(L) Effective volume(L) Motor Power(kw) Heating method Cooling way Discharge method
SRL-W300/1000 300/1000 210/700 40/55/11  



Self-friction or Electric Heating




Water cooling





SRL-W500/1600 500/1600 350/1100 47/67/15
SRL-W500/2000 500/2000 350/1400 55/75/18
SRL-W800/2000 800/2000 560/1400 83/110/18.5
SRL-W800/2500 800/2500 560/1750 83/110/22
SRL-W1000/3000 1000/3000 700/2450 110/160/27





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